Duct Cleaning Tips Spring cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Air Ducts!
Winter’s hard on your home’s HVAC system. Your home is closed off from the outside, with doors and windows sealed tightly against the cold. You, your family and your pets are constantly tracking in dirt, mud and salt from outside. At the same time, your furnace is constantly running to keep your home warm, picking up and circulating all of the dirt and dust that has been tracked in.

2agaMake air ducts part of your spring cleaning ritual!

With all of the dirt and dust that comes with having your home closed off for winter, it’s no wonder that we make a tradition of spring cleaning. To truly get your home clean, include air duct cleaning in your spring cleaning ritual! Cleaning your air ducts removes that dirt and dust from your home’s HVAC system, preventing it from being recirculated through your home once you turn on the air conditioning for the summer.Removing that dust and debris from your HVAC system can help cut down on the amount of dust that accumulates on your home’s surfaces, it can reduce symptoms of allergies and chronic lung ailments, and it can help prevent unpleasant smells from circulating through your home. In addition to dust, air duct cleaning removes less pleasant things from your air ducts, such as mold, animal droppings and trapped rodents. Cleaning your home’s air ducts also allows your HVAC system to operate more efficiently, lowering your heating and cooling bills and extending the life of your system!

After your air ducts are cleaned, there are ways to help keep them clean and prevent dust, dirt, dander and mold from circulating through your system. Of course, you want to regularly change your HVAC system’s filters. Also, filters can be installed over air supply registers to help prevent dust and dander from being drawn into the system. You should have your furnace and air conditioner cleaned and inspected regularly to keep it running optimally. Clean Air America also can install an ultraviolet light air purification system to your ductwork to make sure the air circulating through your home remains germ free!

Choose Clean Air America!

When you decide to make air duct cleaning part of your annual spring cleaning ritual, Clean Air America is the duct cleaning company to call in the greater Cleveland area! At Clean Air America, we use state-of-the-art power vacuum trucks. That means all of the dirt and debris from your air vents is pulled out of your home. During the entire course of the cleaning, your system is kept under negative pressure to make sure that none of the dust escapes into your home. In addition to the ducts, we clean all components of your air duct system, including registers, vents, supply lines and the cleanable components of your furnace. Call Clean Air America today at 330-487-0306 to schedule your spring air duct cleaning!