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Has your family been suffering from chronic allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues? There’s a good chance your air ducts are making matters worse! Residential air ducts can be contaminated with dust, bacteria, mold, and other debris that can lower the quality of your indoor air and irritate or exaggerate health problems. But Clean Air America is here to help! We perform expert home air duct cleaning services in Canton, Akron, Cleveland, and all throughout northeast Ohio. Whether your home is large or small, our experts can improve your air quality with our mess-free, stress-free services!

We Use State-Of-The-Art Equipment For Safer, More Effective Results

Unlike many other air duct cleaning companies, the team here at Clean Air America uses the most advanced and effective equipment during our services. Our specially designed equipment will loosen, capture, and remove any debris in your air duct system without further contaminating your air supply. In fact, we guarantee that everything we remove will be filtered outside to our state-of-the-art Power Vacuum Truck.

Our Power Vacuum Trucks work to safely contain and remove debris, dust, and other materials found in your air ducts, without allowing any contaminants to re-enter your indoor air supply. The trucks are designed to be more than 4x more effective than other truck-mounted vacuums and portable systems. When we’re done cleaning your home’s HVAC ducts, you can be confident that your air supply is as clean and as health-promoting as possible.

The 10 Steps In Our Air Duct Cleaning Service

No other air duct cleaning company is as thorough or as dedicated to customer satisfaction as we are, which is why our Air Duct Cleaning Services include 10 steps:

  1. We’ll start by making sure your property is protected by laying a heavy-duty vinyl tarp over your driveway.
  2. We’ll then put on protective shoe covers, cover the floors with protective tarps, and make sure all corners and doorways are protected.
  3. Next, we’ll attach our vacuum hose to both sides of the system to ensure that all dirt and debris is pulled directly into the Power Vacuum Truck.
  4. We’ll hand-clean, brush, and vacuum each “stack-boot”, which is the metal box under the floor register. We’ll also clean and vacuum the register covers.
  5. As we clean each duct line, we’ll cover registers as needed to maximize air flow.
  6. We then use scrubbing tools to remove any remaining traces of dirt or debris and send it directly to the Power Vacuum Truck.
  7. Next, we’ll clean the supply registers, including all grill covers and drops.
  8. Using specialized scrubbing tools and plastic plugs, we’ll clean all trunk lines (supply air) and plenums (return air).
  9. Finally, we’ll air-wash and vacuum the drop, filter box, blower fan, cabinet interior, and combustion chamber of the furnace.
  10. Lastly, we’ll install new galvanized access panels over any openings created, sweep all floors, and clean up.

When we’re in your home, you can expect professional, mess-free service with a smile.

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If you’re looking for the best and most thorough residential air duct cleaning services in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, or another nearby community, look no further than Clean Air America! We know how important your indoor air quality is to you and your family, and work hard to significantly improve your health and quality of life through our expert services. Don’t wait another day – request your free estimate today by calling 330-487-0306 or clicking here!

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Our indoor air quality services include commercial air duct cleaning, so you can breathe easier and healthier whether you’re at work or home.